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October 05, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT

A second chance, a do-over—whatever you want to call it, Raimy Sullivan has one. Based on the 2000 film, Frequency follows Raimy, an NYC detective whose world is turned upside down when a voice on her ham radio claims to be her long-dead father … talking to her from the year 1996.

Translation: Raimy could possibly change the past. “The thing that appealed to me most from the film really was the ‘what if?’ of it all,” showrunner Jeremy Carver tells EW. “What if you had the opportunity to reconnect with someone you had lost?”

Carver then took that idea and added a few twists. For starters, he changed the central dynamic from father-son to father-daughter. “Somebody asked me at the network if there was anything major I would change about the movie, and I said I would change that central relationship to be a daughter. It just felt more dynamic and challenging and frankly exciting to me as a writer,” Carver says. “There feels something inherently more electric about a father reuniting with his daughter he barely knows. It felt like more of a challenge.”

Within that father-daughter dynamic is another change. For Raimy, played by Peyton List, her father wasn’t always the best role model, both personally and professionally. “In the movie, the dad was a hero, whereas, with our show, it’s slightly different,” List says. “When Raimy was really, really young, she idolized her father and loved him, and then all the sudden he was gone. And then she grows up knowing he died because he was a dirty cop. I think it’s really interesting with the two of them trying to forge a relationship when they’ve got some issues.”

However, Frank’s mistakes don’t stop Raimy from using the ham radio to save his life in the past, an action that has multiple ripple effects. Most prominently, Raimy finds herself living in a 2016 where her father wasn’t murdered … but what has she lost?

As List puts it, “Just when she’s going ‘Everything is perfect now’ is when the rest of her life starts unraveling.”

Frequency premieres Wednesday, Oct. 5 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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