Christian Holub
October 04, 2016 at 12:21 PM EDT

Donald Trump’s much-mocked debate performance against Hillary Clinton last Monday was only the beginning of a disastrous week for the Republican presidential candidate, one Seth Meyers took time to examine on his A Closer Look segment Monday night. 

“By all accounts, Turmp’s performance in the first debate was a disaster, but instead of moving on, Trump got into a week-long fight with the past winner of Miss Universe contest, who he weight-shamed and attacked personally, leading to an unhinged, middle-of-the-night Twitter rant,” Meyers summarized.

Meyers played news coverage of the tweetstorm (and quickly jumped in to say “my new favorite thing is hearing Scott Pelley say ‘Twitter tirade'”), in which anchors described Trump’s “check out sex tape” comment about Alicia Machado as “the first time a major party nominee recommended pornography to his supporters.” Trump tried to defend the timing of the tweets by saying that means he’ll always be awake to respond to emergencies. 

“Especially if it’s ‘Mr. President, it’s the North Koreans. They want your thoughts on Rosie O’Donnell,'” Meyers joked.

Following this chaotic week of tweets was the New York Times‘ bombshell story that suggested Trump may not have paid taxes for 18 years due to declaring a $916 million loss in 1995. These revelations, which came from a package of documents sent to the Times supposedly from Trump Tower, actually tied into Meyers’ long-running theory about Trump’s taxes, which he enumerated once again.

“I think you’re poor,” Meyers said, looking directly into the camera. “I think you pretend to be rich, but you’ve been going town-to-town for months selling cheap hats … I think you want to live at the White House because you heard the previous lady that lived there had a garden and you want free tomatoes. Or maybe you don’t want to be president because you assumed it paid a billion dollars a year, and then found out it was only $400,000. And, oh my God, now you’re panicking, and you’re desperate to find a way out, and, oh my God, that’s it. Trump Tower. You sent the letter!”

Watch the clip below.

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