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SNL: Melania Trump mocked in Melania Moments video

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Celicy Strong offered yet another impersonation of Melania Trump during the season 42 premiere of Saturday Night Live, this time in a segment titled “Melania Moments.”

The short bit, which appears to be the first in a new series, takes a page from the classic SNL series, “Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey,” complete with a retro, synthy soundtrack.

Saturday’s sketch sees the former model and wife of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump perched at a Trump Tower window, pondering what happens to a passerby. A male voiceover narrates her musings: “She saw a man walk just out of sight and wondered, ‘What happens to them, to the people, once they leave Fifth Avenue? Where do they go? Do they disappear? Is there a Sixth Avenue? Is there a Fourth Avenue? One day, I’d really like to know.'”

See the “Melania Moment” below, and check out the full episode recap here.