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Joey Nolfi
October 02, 2016 at 05:08 PM EDT

It was Team Trump vs. Team Clinton during last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live, with Darrell Hammond and Larry David returning to the variety series’ 42nd season opener to reprise their signature roles as Bill Clinton and Bernie Sanders, respectively.

During the premiere’s Celebrity Family Feud: Political Edition sketch, the former Commander-in-Chief and Senator Sanders, alongside Lin-Manuel Miranda (Cecily Strong) and Sarah Silverman (new featured player Melissa Villaseñor) were “Team Hillary,” squaring off against the conservative opponents of “Team Trump,” including his campaign manager Kellyanne Conway (Kate McKinnon), Gov. Chris Christie (Bobby Moynihan), a wind machine-assisted Ivanka Trump (Margot Robbie), and a mind-reading Vladimir Putin (Beck Bennett).

Responding to a question from host Steve Harvey (Kenan Thompson) about his preparedness to see his wife, Hillary Clinton, become President, the Democratic nominee’s husband said: “I mean, I can’t wait. Between you and me, I freaking love the White House. I mean, I can hang out there, you know, no presidential stuff to do. Red phone rings and I’ll say, ‘Hey, you take that one, honey. I’ll be downstairs watching Police Academy.'”

When Harvey questioned Sanders’ support of the former Secretary of State’s bid for the presidency, he said: “Clinton is the prune juice of this election. She might not seem that appetizing, but if you don’t take her now, you’re going to be clogged with crap for a very long time.”

Find out how Saturday Night Live‘s take on Celebrity Family Feud plays out in the video below.

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