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Christian Holub
September 30, 2016 at 02:04 PM EDT

When debating possible police policies during Monday’s presidential debate, Donald Trump proposed using New York City’s former stop-and-frisk law on a national scale. Moderator Lester Holt pointed out the law had been ruled unconstitutional, but Trump didn’t care (though he did later change the proposal so it only applied to Chicago).

On Thursday night, Trevor Noah continued the job of pointing out why this policy would be a bad idea. During its existence, the stop-and-frisk law allowed police to stop people on the street with very little instigation. Most of the stops were conducted on nonwhite civilians, and video evidence shows police being rude and racist during these stops.

According to Noah, white politicians like Trump and Rudy Giuliani who support stop-and-frisk should at least be honest about those results. He even made a parody commercial to demonstrate how this could be done.

“Some side effects of stop-and-frisk may include blurred legal rights, increased racial tension, sudden lose of dignity, riot outbreaks, and being trapped in a dystopian police state,” a narrator intoned over footage of white people walking peacefully down the street while police accosted black men behind them.

Watch the clip below.

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