Warwick Saint/Fox
Chancellor Agard
September 30, 2016 AT 08:25 PM EDT

For one Canadian woman, the line between reality and television briefly blurred. A woman who called into Luke Banack’s show on Canada’s 98.1FM CAM-FM thought Ginny Baker, the main character in Fox’s new show, Pitch, about the first woman to pitch in major league baseball, was a real person. 

“On the sports this morning, you didn’t mention how the female pitcher did in major league baseball. She pitched last night, I thought,” complained the woman. 

“No, that’s a TV series,” responds Banack, much to the woman’s embarrassment. “They’ve done a great job promoting it…I firmly believe that we will eventually see a woman in major league baseball, but just not right now. That’s just an actress.” 

Before the call ended, the woman asked him not to play it, but he said he was going to have to because it was so good. 

Listen to the entire phone call below: 

Pitch airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Fox. 

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