September 30, 2016 at 01:20 PM EDT

As if Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump weren’t enough to make the 2016 presidential election crazy already, this year has also seen the rise of some third-party candidates. One of those, Gary Johnson, keeps landing in the news for not knowing basic facts like the names of foreign leaders. Jimmy Kimmel theorized this was okay since most people didn’t know Johnson’s name either, and to prove it, he sent a team onto the streets of L.A. Thursday night to see if any pedestrians had any idea who the Libertarian presidential candidate even was.

Not many people did. Not even the guy dressed as Freddie Krueger knew who Johnson was, and a traffic cop said he “knew several Gary Johnson’s, but probably not the one you want.” After much searching, Kimmel’s team finally found someone who knew Johnson was the Libertarian candidate for president. They rewarded him with a blast of confetti.

Watch the clip below.

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