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Pitch clip: Ginny's not the only female in a man's world

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Ginny Baker may have all eyes in America on her, but she certainly isn’t the only woman facing an uphill battle in a man’s world on Pitch.

During Thursday’s episode, viewers will get much more information on her agent, Amelia (Ali Larter), whose journey mirrors Ginny’s in many ways. “You come to find out why Amelia comes to Texas,” Kylie Bunbury tells EW. “She’s this high-powered agent and she comes to Texas to sign me, and she’s typically signing movie stars. So you figure out why she comes to me and you get to see, basically, our relationship starting and her proving herself as to why she’d be an important piece in my life.”

“Being an [agent], she’s dealt with men in her position before, but certainly sports is a different world,” EP Kevin Falls adds. “Part of her problem, in a good way, is that she’s come into the sports world, so it’s more just a steep learning curve for her character. She sometimes compares it to show business, and it’s not. But she’s very resourceful and a problem solver in her own way.”

Check out a sneak peek from Thursday’s episode, which airs at 9 p.m. ET on Fox: