Sue Gordon
Madeline Boardman
September 28, 2016 AT 01:18 PM EDT

Fifteen years ago Wednesday, audiences first met two male models by the names of Derek Zoolander and Hansel (so hot right now). Starring, co-written by, and directed by Ben Stiller, Zoolander had a mediocre box office run with a domestic gross of $45.2 million, but soon became a cult classic thanks to its quotable lines and larger-than-life characters. Also starring Owen Wilson, Christine Taylor, Will Ferrell, Jerry Stiller, David Duchovny, and Jon Voight, the flick inspired a sequel more than 10 years later.

So just how well do you remember the 2001 classic? Get ready for a walk-off and test your Zoolander knowledge in EW’s quiz, ahead.

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