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John Oliver breaks down Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump scandals

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Which presidential candidate has the most alarming scandals: Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? According to John Oliver on Sunday’s Last Week Tonight, the answer is Trump.

Oliver kicked off his deep-dive by pointing out all the ridiculous things that have been said about Clinton. “If you believe the internet, she’s guilty of everything,” he said, explaining that “everything” includes crimes from Waco, Texas, to Benghazi, Libya. But Oliver’s personal favorite theory online: “Is Hillary Clinton Satan? Hillary: ‘I Am the Devil.'”

Then he got serious, looking at Whitewater, a ’90s investigation into a real estate investment the Clintons made, and of course, the private email server she used while serving as Secretary of State, which Oliver said Clinton lied about when she claimed the system was permitted. He also pointed out the ridiculousness of the server’s origins.

“Wait, you used a server that Bill Clinton had been using, which was in your basement?” said Oliver, astonished. “I hate to tell you this, but you just stored government records on a machine that Bill called the Porn Master 5000.”

However, “While the FBI found Clinton and her staff to be extremely careless, they said they couldn’t find a case that would support bringing criminal charges,” said Oliver. “So it’s not good but it’s not as bad as it looks.”

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Oliver also looked into criticism of former President Bill Clinton’s controversial Clinton Foundation, eventually concluding that — as was the case with Clinton’s email server — smoke doesn’t lead to fire. “They both look bad, but the harder you look, the less you find,” said Oliver.

He went on to switch gears and focus on Trump, whom he calls “America’s wealthiest hemorrhoid.”

“If you are struggling with the idea of voting for Hillary because of all this, you need to take a long, hard look at Trump,” said Oliver. “If you’re irritated by her lying, that is understandable, but he’s quantifiably worse.” Oliver shared some data from Politifact, which claims Clinton’s statements have been 13 percent false, while Trump’s are at 53 percent.

As for Trump’s scandals, Oliver highlighted his refusal to release his tax returns, which the Republican candidate claims to keep under wraps because of an IRS audit. “He’s the first major party nominee since 1980 not to release his tax returns,” said Oliver, “and his justification is pathetic.” That’s because “the IRS has explicitly said you don’t need to wait for a completed audit to release them,” the host said.

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Oliver also questioned Trump’s business dealings. “As many experts have pointed out, his investments, debts, and business ties span the globe and could present unprecedented ethical challenges for a president,” he said. “Traditionally, presidential candidates in that kind of position promise to put their financial holdings into a blind trust, where an independent trustee is given control over their investments. But when Trump was asked if he would do that as well, he seemed not to know what it meant.” Instead, Trump has said he wants his children, Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Jr. to run his company while he’s in the White House, which would be the opposite of a blind trust.

Then there’s the accusations brought against the Donald J. Trump Foundation, which reportedly spent more than a quarter of a million dollars in donated money to settle lawsuits against Trump businesses and purchased questionable items, such as Trump portraits.

Watch the clip in its entirety below.