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Miley Cyrus, Seth Meyers try to become friends

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Thursday’s episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers asked the age-old question: Why can’t we be friends?

As part of “Forced Friendship,” a sketch where Meyers pretends his NBC overlords encourage two disparate members of the NBC family to hang out and strike up a friendship, the host and Miley Cyrus engaged in awkward banter — mostly because Meyers is twice as old as the new Voice judge, and has no clue how to speak to the younger generation. A sample attempt from the 42-year-old: “That’s totes adorbs chill af.”

The bit continues from there, with Meyers flailing and Cyrus unconcerned with his stabs at youth, even his offered of weed… a.k.a. a bag of basil leaves.

“That makes sense, it smelled and tasted like basil,” Meyers said.

“Seth, give me a hug, you sweet, sweet little idiot,” Cyrus said.

Watch the clip below.