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Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow play Friends category on Celebrity Name Game

The former costars had some fun on ‘Celebrity Name Game’

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Celebrity Name Game pitted two famous contestants against other in a Friends-themed guessing game, and they pretty much nailed it — which isn’t very surprising since it was two of the Friends.

Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow played a bonus round of the syndicated game show — their episode aired Sept. 20 — where Kudrow had to guess in 45 seconds what or whom from their hit NBC sitcom Cox was describing.

Monica — er, Courteney — fared much better here than a season 4 episode where she and Rachel lost their apartment during a trivia game. Cox and Kudrow had an impressive performance, getting eight in a row before running out of time as Cox, who’s an executive producer of the show along with her ex-husband David Arquette, was trying to get Kudrow to guess “David Schwimmer” based on Cox’s impersonation of her on-screen brother. 

Some of the highlight answers include Kudrow saying, “How you doin?,” Cox needing to use two hints to describe Jennifer Aniston, and Kudrow at first thinking their characters used to spy on “Naked Ugly Guy” instead of “Ugly Naked Guy.” 

Watch the video, which debuted exclusively on PEOPLE earlier this month, above.