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Seth Meyers mocks media coverage of Manhattan bombing

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Seth Meyers on Tuesday used his Closer Look segment to take news channels like CNN to task for their coverage of Saturday’s bombing in New York City, which resulted in zero fatalies and 29 injuries.

In the early hours of the aftermath, minimal facts were known, so anchors supplied their own information, such as the location of their former gym or the existence of streetlights, Meyers explained. 

“That’s right, CNN thought a vehicle with lights at nighttime was breaking news,” Meyers said on Late Night. “‘Also, there’s a traffic light, and I don’t know if this is news, but it’s going from yellow to red, back to green.'”

Meyers also laughed at the way one of the bombs was ultimately disabled: by New Yorkers on the street picking it up and throwing it away to take the suitcase it was hidden in.

“They picked up a bomb and accidentally disabled it. I think that’s literally the plot of a Road Runner cartoon,” Meyers said. “Also, who are these well-dressed men scavenging on the sidewalk? ‘I’m off to Monte Carlo, just as soon as I find a suitcase in the garbage.'”

Watch the clip below.