Nina Terrero
September 21, 2016 AT 04:23 PM EDT

Julia George’s (Piper Perabo) a commanding cable news producer with a shrewd talent for pulling strings behind the scenes. Jake Gregorian (Daniel Sunjata) is a coolly confident — and supremely charming — Los Angeles criminal defense attorney. Their tightknit relationship – which yields killer ratings for her and favorable client coverage for him – is the subject of ABC’s Notorious, making theirs one of the sexiest (and high stakes) pairings on fall TV.

Off camera though, things are pretty easy going between the two costars — especially as exemplified in this video for EW, which finds the pair describing Notorious by picking words at random from a bowl.

Case in point? “Everyone on Notorious is so sexy that you’d think we ate a lot of kale,” jokes Perabo, whose cue cards included kale. “Got a lot of fiber,” quips Sunjata.

The humor didn’t stop there, and amped up when Perabo selected the words “spoiler alert” and “bae.”

“Spoiler alert! Even though Sunjata is so handsome, so far his character is not my bae,” quipped Perabo.

Watch the video above to see the playful pair tease each other about Hamilton tickets, their characters on the show, and more.

Notorious premieres Thursday at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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