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Daniel Radcliffe says it’s ‘pretty undeniable’ Hollywood is racist

He also calls Trump’s popularity ‘terrifying’

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Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

In his latest role, Daniel Radcliffe hurls some racial slurs that are pretty horrifying in any context, let alone coming from the former Boy Who Lived. In Imperium, Radcliffe stars as an undercover FBI agent who sets out to infiltrate a group of neo-Nazis, and as his character dives deeper into these American hate groups, he’s shocked to uncover the vitriolic and racist hate at the heart of these organizations.

Radcliffe sat down with the BBC recently to talk about his role in Imperium — but he also weighed in on off-screen racism in the film industry, too.

When asked whether he thinks Hollywood is racist, Radcliffe replied, “I think it’s pretty undeniable. We like to think of ourselves as being a very, very progressive industry, but we have been lagging behind in all kinds of areas.”

In addition to discussing allegations of anti-Semitism within the U.K. Labour party, Radcliffe also criticized U.S. politics — particularly Donald Trump, who Radcliffe said had “stirred up” feelings of “fear and hatred.”

“It’s fascinating and terrifying, and there’s part of me that just kind of can’t believe that this unbelievably wealthy, privileged man has somehow managed to convince people he’s not part of the elite, and that he’s a man of the people,” Radcliffe added.