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Friday Night Lights cast was banned from playing flag football

Landry ruined it — but at least he didn’t kill a guy this time


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Friday Night Lights may have featured tons of football action, including an alarming amount of Hail Mary plays, but that was the only football the cast was allowed to play.

Earlier this year, the cast reunited at the ATX Festival to mark the 10th anniversary of the show’s premiere, and while the actors told EW where they thought their characters are now, Scott Porter — a.k.a the original QB1 — shared the reason they were banned from playing football off camera.

“We used to play flag football out here, not while we were working,” Porter told the fans in attendance. “But we would come out on our own to this field and sneak in.” Jesse Plemons then jumped in to share something that would definitely happen to Landry Clarke, “And I tore my ACL on this field.”

Porter continued with the story and shared why it was all Tim Riggins’ fault. “And Jesse tore his ACL with [Taylor] Kitsch covering him, going, ‘Show me what you got. Come on, Plemons. Give it to me, let’s go,’” said Porter. “And then he tore his ACL and production found out and we were banned from ever coming back here.”

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