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Chris Hunt's 'Carver: A Paris Story' preview

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Chris Hunt/Z2 Comics

There’s just something about Paris. The City of Lights still has a talent for attracting the strange, the sexy, and the noir, and so it is in Carver: A Paris Story, Chris Hunt’s new noir comic collection from Z2 Comics.

An homage to Hugo Pratt’s Corto Maltese, Carver: A Paris Story follows its titular protagonist as he returns to Paris after an extended absence to help a former flame find her missing daughter. That brings him into conflict with both hooded anarchist leader Stacker Lee and his own inner demons.

“Carver is the story I wish I saw more of in this day and age, a throwback to an era and place where on the surface, things seemed more black and white than they are today, but were infinitely more complex than we give them credit for,” Hunt told EW in a statement. “Rather than wait for someone else, I decided that I would do it myself.”

Check out an exclusive excerpt from Carver: A Paris Story below. The book (which includes a short story from Hunt’s mentor, the legendary Paul Pope) is on stands now.

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