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Chicago P.D.: Jesse Lee Soffer comments on Halstead, Lindsay relationship

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Linstead is taking a big, big step in Chicago P.D.‘s fourth season: The couple is moving in together.

“So Halstead and Lindsay, this season, might be getting a little domesticated,” Jesse Lee Soffer, who plays detective Halstead, tells EW in the video above. “We might move in. I think Halstead’s in the process of apartment hunting right now for a condo.”

Since Detective Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) broke up with Lieutenant Kelly Severide over at Chicago Fire, she has only grown closer to her partner on the force, detective Jay Halstead. The dynamic will certainly change once they share the same space on the force — and at home.

“It’ll be really interesting to see how they work together and then … play together, if the relationship’s still going to work if they live together,” Soffer says. “Because to this point, they’re partners, and they got each other’s backs, and they enjoy the relationship when it’s convenient for them, and this is taking a big step forward. It’ll be interesting for the writers and for us, as the actors, to play out where that goes.”

While Soffer can’t wait for fans to see how fans react to Lindsay and Halstead’s next step (“the fans love Linstead”), a major wrench might be thrown in if and when Sgt. Voight has to handle the eventual fallout after pursuing his son’s killer. “Lindsay’s going to be trying to take of Voight — that’s her father figure — and she’s probably going to side with him and take care of him,” Soffer says, “and Halstead’s going to try to pick up the pieces for everybody and pray Lindsay doesn’t go down with Voight if that’s what happens.”

See more of Soffer’s comments above. Chicago P.D. debuts season 4 on Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT on NBC.