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Viola Davis talks sex scenes with Ellen DeGeneres

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Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Viola Davis has some tricks up her sleeve for season 3 of How to Get Away With Murder — but wild sex scenes aren’t on the menu.

“There is a mystery that they introduce in the first episode and we’re trying to figure it out,” the actress shares on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Monday. “And I told them, ‘No more sex scenes. You cannot throw me up against a wall.'”

As it turns out, Davis has a very good reason for that rule. “They threw me up against a wall the first season and I threw my back out for two weeks and my hip, so I limped around for two weeks,” she explains. “So I said, ‘No more walls.'”

That only led to more restrictions. “I just said, ‘I want to be on the bed. I don’t want to move. I don’t want anyone on top of me. I don’t want to be on top of anybody else,'” the Emmy winner explains.

DeGeneres couldn’t help but poke fun at the situation, quipping, “Sounds like you don’t know how to do it right.”

The pair also chatted about Davis’ precocious 6-year-old daughter Genesis, who pleaded with her mother to take her to a Beyoncé concert. As Davis puts it, Genesis had quite the memorable plea, saying, “No! You don’t know what Lemonade means to me, mommy. You don’t know what Beyoncé means to my life!”

After witnessing Davis’ dramatic portrayal of her daughter, DeGeneres asked if the little girl dreamed of being an actress. Davis said she does, imitating Genesis again: “Mommy, I know how to live the words. I know how to breathe the words. I know how to remember the words.”

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Davis said she told her daughter, “You better remember how to go to school, and then at 18, you need to remember how to get out of the house and pay your own bills,” eliciting big laughs from the audience.

Watch the full video below. How to Get Away With Murder’s season premiere is Sept. 22 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.