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Judge John Hodgman Day announced by Mayor of Boston

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Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Webby Awards

Judge John Hodgman is getting his day — and it’s not in court.

On Friday, Mayor Marty Walsh declared this Sunday in Boston to be Judge John Hodgman Day in honor of the “champion of podcast justice.” Hodgman is, of course, not a real judge, but a comedian whose weekly podcast, Judge John Hodgman, has him dispensing fake internet justice.

In his proclamation of Judge John Hodgman Day, Walsh cited several of the comedian’s Boston centric cases, as well as his high-profile rulings on whether a hot dog is a sandwich and if a machine gun is considered a robot.

The news was warmly received by The Daily Show alum, who hails from nearby Brookline. Hodgman tweeted, “Thank you, Mayor. I look forward to free parking and swan boat rides all day.” He then followed up with, “I AM IN LOVE WITH MASSACHUSETTS.”