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Trevor Noah: Donald Trump relationship like Harry Potter and Voldemort

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Trevor Noah took his thoughts on the presidential election to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Wednesday night, Noah’s first guest appearance on the late-night show since last September.

Asked by host Stephen Colbert about the election and how he’s handled covering it during the first year as host of The Daily Show, Noah said he had some kind of connection to Donald Trump, the GOP nominee.

“I think, in some way, I may be connected to Trump,” Noah said. “I think somehow. Sort of like Harry Potter and Voldemort. I feel like I came out of nowhere, and people were like, Who? And then this thing came out and they were like, It can’t happen. And now it’s happening. I think I may need to die to save America. To save you all.”

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Noah has continually attacked Trump on The Daily Show for his rhetoric, including in a “viral” segment released online Wednesday that took on the former reality TV host’s views on immigration.

Discussing the election with Colbert and whether Trump had a chance to win, Noah explained how politics has become like choosing flavors at an ice cream parlor.

“Now, in American elections, you only have two flavors to choose from. So you’re choosing the flavors, but then they go: ‘Hey, you have a year to choose your flavors.’ You’re just going to stand there for a long time. You go, ‘Do I take the vanilla or do I take the racist ginger?'” Noah said.

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He added, “If they say, ‘Choose now,’ you pick. If they go, ‘You’ve got a year,’ you’ll go, ‘I’ll take my time.’ Then you go, ‘Vanilla, vanilla, vanilla… racist ginger sounds interesting. It would make life exciting.'”

Watch the segment below.