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Blair Witch Project star Heather Donahue says sequel is scarier than the original

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This weekend, cinemagoers will have the opportunity to judge whether director Adam Wingard and writer Simon Barrett’s horror sequel Blair Witch is more or less frightening than 1999’s The Blair Witch Project. But one person who has already made up her mind about that is Heather Donahue, one of the original film’s stars.

Writing on Facebook, Donahue declared that, “Scare for scare, the new Blair Witch is better than the original. You heard me. You nailed it and Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett! Big, big congratulations!”

Donahue has also written an article for The Guardian where she describes her complicated relationship with both the original film and its sequel, the announcement of which initially prompted her to drink “very nice bourbon in a very nice bathtub while bawling my eyes out” at the prospect of having to once again see her “snot-flooded portrait” everywhere.

“Then Lionsgate called,” Donahue continues in the article. “The company that originally bought The Blair Witch Project was purchased by Lionsgate and they’re the ones behind this new sequel. They asked what they could do to show me how much they appreciated my work in the original. They made sure my last name wasn’t used anywhere. In their press materials, their protagonist goes in search of his ‘sister’ but they don’t use my name. For all the talk of Hollywood being populated with jerks and sharks, these guys were actually being considerate and were genuinely concerned that this would not be any more disruptive to my life than was inevitable.”

See a trailer for the new Blair Witch film, out Friday, below.