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Chancellor Agard
August 17, 2016 AT 02:21 PM EDT

In its sixth season, Suits has brought back a lot of the humor that was missing from its brooding fifth season. Thankfully, the laughs keep coming in this exclusive clip from tonight’s episode, which finds Louis (Rick Hoffman) unintentionally making an extended sexual innuendo, much to Donna’s (Sarah Rafferty) delight. 

In the scene, Louis tells Donna he’s having a replica of his new house in the Hamptons made for his new crush Tara (Carly Pope) so she can see her designs come to life; however, he’s having trouble picking the perfect wood. You know, that common problem.

“Donna, the kind of wood you get says everything you need to know about what kind of man you are: how hard or soft it is; how much it bends when you’re working it,” says Louis. “Making Tara love my wood is the first step toward making her love me!”

Donna tells Louis he just needs to follow his heart and choose the wood that feels right. “Donna, I need you to help me feel my wood,” says Louis, causing Donna to run out of the room laughing.

Watch the entire hilarious clip below: 

Suits airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on USA Network. 

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