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Betty & Veronica: Adam Hughes previews his comic reboot

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Adam Hughes for Archie Comics

The latest Archie Comics reboot focuses on two of the most famous frenemies in American pop culture: bright, blonde Betty and cool, brunette Veronica. Like the other recently redone Archie titles, Betty & Veronica has something of a modern sheen (behold the fashionable scarves and skinny jeans in the preview pages below). Writer-artist Adam Hughes (known especially for his Wonder Woman and Catwoman covers) tells EW that he wanted to give Betty and Veronica some slight contemporary touches while still keeping the things that make them timeless. 

“Betty and Veronica are iconic, archetypal,” Hughes says. “Apart from exorbitant smartphone usage, I want these stories to read just as well 20 years from now. Okay, I’m also giving them tight pants. Why are kids wearing such tight pants these days? I have no idea.”

Check out the first few pages below. Betty & Veronica #1 goes on sale July 20. 

Adam Hughes for Archie Comics
Adam Hughes for Archie Comics
Adam Hughes for Archie Comics