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Stephen Colbert talks Bernie Sanders in Hungry for Power Games

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Way back at the beginning of the 2016 presidential primary campaign, there were more than 20 candidates contending for their party’s pick, and Stephen Colbert’s Hungry for Power Games segment followed each of them as they slowly dropped out, one by one. On Tuesday, Colbert used the bit to salute Bernie Sanders after the Democrat finally endorsed Hillary Clinton. Unless he does one more after the general election, it looks to be the last Hungry for Power Games. There’s no one left.

Colbert compared Sanders to Game of Thrones‘ Ned Stark, “another man who forced himself to endure a coronation in hopes of healing a rift,” and joked that the podium at this long-awaited endorsement should’ve read “It’s About F—ing Time.” In honor of being a worthy opponent of “we, the elite,” Colbert did the most elite thing possible: He ate a plate of caviar arranged to spell Bernie’s name. It didn’t go well: “The word ‘salty’ is just the tip of the iceberg, friends,” said Colbert, sipping wine to wash it down.

After looking back on how far Sanders had come as a candidate since his unassuming announcement back in 2015, Colbert gave the “fallen tribute” the best salute of all. He rearranged his hair to look messy and unkempt.

Watch the clip below.