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Are you ready to be reborn? That’s the question in the new trailer for Rebirth, a new Netflix film due out on Friday. 

Directed by Karl Mueller (Mr. Jones), Rebirth is a psychological thriller that stars Fran Kranz as Kyle, an overworked father who has no life outside of going home and going to work. That is, until he runs into his old friend Zack (Adam Goldberg) who tells him about Rebirth, a seminar that will offer Kyle the opportunity to break out of this rut… at a price. 

“Over the next few days you are about to experience actual person-to-person contact. Rebirth is not for eveyrone. Some of you will find this highly disturbing,” warns Naomi (Nicky Whelan), a Rebirth guide, when Zack gets on the bus to go to the retreat. 

In the tense and dark trailer, the leaders of Rebirth maintain that it isn’t a cult and that Kyle can leave whenever he wants. But as Kyle dives deeper into the twisted seminar, he realizes the total opposite is true: He’s almost definitely in a cult that might not ever let him leave. 

Rebirth is one of several independent movies in Netflix’s belt. According to Deadline, Netflix has also financed The Most Hated Woman in America, starring Melissa Leo, and an untitled electronic music project starring Modern Family‘s Sarah Hyland.

Watch the trailer for Rebirth, which hits Netflix on July 15, above.

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