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Community, which ran for six seasons between 2009 and 2015, is one movie away from fulfilling its own pre-established destiny, and series creator Dan Harmon is yet again teasing fans about the the return of his beloved cult hit comedy series, which he says will likely happen only when his cast has the time.

During an interview on Monday’s episode of Larry King Now, Harmon jokingly revealed he (sort of) hopes the likes of Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Yvette Nicole Brown, and other Community stars who’ve moved on to other projects are a bit less in-demand by the time the show’s big screen adaptation is ready for production.

“If I pull out a typewriter right now and write a Community movie just from my own mind, then I have to go through the heartbreak and agony of finding out which of the people are going to show up to make it,” Harmon told King. “Whereas, on the other hand, if I wait for everybody to line up and say, ‘We’re all out of work and ready to do a Community movie!’ well, I guess that’s a bad idea too.”

While that’s far from confirming the project is in development, Harmon ended on an optimistic note. “It’ll make a great movie. It’ll happen,” he said.

Harmon previously teased a Community movie last year, saying Yahoo, which premiered the series’ sixth and final season on their ill-fated Yahoo Screen streaming service, wanted to film a long-form continuation of the series, but he wasn’t quite ready to take the reins just yet. “I told Yahoo, ‘I can’t think about writing a movie until I miss Community,’ he said at the 2015 ATX Festival in Austin. “They wanted to turn around and do a movie immediately, and Yahoo can get it done. They’re like the NSA.”

Series star McHale has also hinted at the series’ imminent return in a big screen capacity. “I’m sure if somebody funds it, we would love to make a movie,” he told Variety. “The way Dan has already described it — which I could not agree more with — is it can’t just be a 2-hour episode. It has to have a real budget and it has to be probably pretty epic. We need money. Netflix has the money!”

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