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Elton John's 'A Good Heart' video celebrates love of all kinds

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There’s been a lot of bad news recently. Elton John, though, is not one to despair. The famed musician recently told a crowd in London about the “rainbow-colored wave of love and bravery” he felt surging from people all over the world in the aftermath of the Orlando massacre. His new music video for “A Good Heart” celebrates that message. 

The video features multiple couples of different ages, races, genders, and sexualities. There’s a young biracial heterosexual couple frollicking in a field, an older couple dealing with the ailments of aging, a May-December lesbian couple working through intimacy issues. “It’s a good heart to be a part of,” John sings at his grand piano. 

Like in Crash, the different characters even converge a little toward the end of the video, when the elderly couple passes the younger biracial hetero couple on the street, now fighting rather than frollicking. After the young woman makes eye contact with her elder counterpart, she and her partner make some kind of peace together. 

Watch the video below.