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Donald Trump: Daily Show airs imaginary cabinet meeting

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Comedy Central

“What exactly will Trump’s cabinet look like?” Trevor Noah sought to find the answer to this question on Wednesday’s Daily Show, imagining who presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump would surround himself with should he win the election on Nov. 8.

After pointing out that Trump has discussed announcing some potential cabinet members prior to being elected — an unorthodox move Trump has suggested sometimes happens — Noah provided historical context and reviewed how notable leaders have selected their cabinets.

“Lincoln has his infamous team of rivals, Marky Mark had the Funky Bunch, Batman had a brachii-decorated preteen, which I never really understood,” said Noah.

As for who Trump has been consulting so far, “I’m speaking with myself, No. 1, because I have a very good brain, and I’ve said a lot of things,” the candidate once explained in a phone interview on MSNBC.

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Noah didn’t buy it — “That sounds like something you’d only hear from a guy with a bad brain,” he said — but then stated that Trump consulting Trump might actually be a good thing because he tends to disagree with himself.

That’s when Noah cut to a clip of an imaginary Trump cabinet meeting in which a bunch of Trumps sit around a table and share different opinions on the most important topics of the day. Watch the video — which is based on actual footage of Trump — below.