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Big Hero 6: Disney movie gets Honest Trailers treatment

“This is the Marveliest, non-Marvel movie ever.”

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No movie has truly made it until it get the Honest Trailer treatment — and now it’s Big Hero 6‘s turn.

The film, which won an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, feels the wrath of the Screen Junkies as they “revisit the Disney hit that made you laugh, cry, won an Oscar, and best of all isn’t Frozen.”

Despite Disney removing all Marvel branding from the film, the newest Honest Trailer can’t help but notice the similarities to the films in the Marvel Universe, even including a Stan Lee cameo. “This is the Marveliest, non-Marvel movie ever,” the voiceover says.

The trailer’s wrath then turns to Baymax, who is described as an adorable combination of WebMD and a marshmallow. “He’s the inflatable Robo-nurse everyone wants to cuddle with until you realize he’s voiced by the depressed, middle-aged comedy writer from 30 Rock,” the narrator adds. “Ew.”

Watch the full Big Hero 6 Honest Trailer above.