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X-Men: Ice Man DIY liquid nitrogen blaster made by YouTube star

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Colin Furze may not have mutant abilities, but he has the smarts to make his own. The U.K.-based YouTube personality is known for his DIY inventions, and his recent creation is a liquid nitrogen blaster pack inspired by the X-Men character Iceman. 

“Iceman, the X-Men that can freeze stuff,” Furze said in a making-of video. “Yes, he can freeze stuff by touching it, he can shoot [a] bolt and freeze rays from his hands, and of course his most extreme thing [is] he can turn himself completely into ice. But what’s someone, Mr. 30-degree body temperature Colin, how am I gonna replicate that? Well, of course, I have a plan.”  

Some of Furze’s previous creations attempted to replicate the abilities of Wolverine, Magneto, and Pyro. As proof of his latest experiment, he filmed himself freezing flowers, vegetation, and a glass of water. Furze then added a stream of water to the mix, enabling him to cover a bust in ice. 

Watch his invention in action above, and see how he made it below.