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Ricky Gervais: David Brent stars in 'Lady Gypsy' music video

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Entertainment One UK

One of the main differences between Ricky Gervais’ British The Office protagonist David Brent and his American counterpart is his musical ambitions. Years after the original series ended, Gervais is finally giving David Brent his own debut album, Life on the Road, accompanied by a film of the same title.

On Friday, Gervais released the album’s first single, “Lady Gypsy,” complete with a music video featuring Brent in what he thinks cool traveling gypsy gear would look like. The music itself (strummy folk rock) is good enough to make you forget it’s satire, at least until Brent gets into a debate with the gypsy woman of the song title and she keeps trying to sell him heather.

Watch the music video below. David Brent: Life on the Road hits U.K. theaters Aug. 19 alongside the accompanying album.