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Game of Thrones podcast: Season 7 predictions, season 6 prizes

We’re looking back and looking ahead

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Another season of Game of Thrones has come to a close. “The Winds of Winter” was a fiery, bloody, ghoulishly thrilling hour of television. It ended one of the finest seasons in the show’s history – and it pointed ahead to several different potential endgames for the few characters left alive. In the final episode of this season of EW’s Game of Thrones Weekly podcast, we ask the big questions: Where in Westeros will Dany go first? Could Bran take over Winterfell? Who’s Arya’s next target?

We also look back at season 6. What was the best episode? Who gave the finest performance? Is it possible there still weren’t enough Greyjoys? Listen to the podcast below, or subscribe to the podcast here. This is the end of the show for now, but expect regular updates on Game of Thrones from your Westeros correspondent James Hibberd. We already know next season’s directors — and it’s mere weeks until the show goes to Comic-Con!