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Big Brother: Julie Chen answers our burning questions

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Bill Inoshita/CBS; Johnny Vy/CBS

The Chenbot is activated! After completing her first live show for the 18th season of Big Brother on Thursday, Julie Chen agreed to answer some of our burning questions.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You called Jozea out for calling himself “the messiah” before becoming the first evictee of BB18. Is there a part of you that likes to watch the evicted houseguests squirm in their chair?

JULIE CHEN: I don’t like to see them squirm. But Jozea seems like a harmless guy who just had no game, so I had to call him out on it.

Do you have an early favorite in the game?

I like Da’Vonne a lot. I liked her last year. Her diary room sessions and facial expressions when Jozea was spouting off his theories were hysterical.

If there was going to be showmance this season, who would you predict hooking up?

I predict no showmances. This year, no one seems likely to have a love connection. Most likely I guess would be Nicole and Corey?

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