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Big Brother: Eliminated player Jozea Flores still thinks he can win

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Bill Inoshita/CBS

Jozea Flores called himself the house “messiah” — until his fellow houseguests anointed him as the latest evictee Thursday. Before he was sequestered by CBS so he could prepare to “Battle Back” into the house, the makeup artist from New Jersey answered a few of our questions. 

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You entered the house feeling very confident. What got you to that place so quickly? First impressions of the other houseguests?

JOZEA FLORES: As soon as I entered the Big Brother house, I sized my competition and found there’s nothing to be scared of. There’s only air and water. It was a wonderful day. My first impressions of the other houseguests were oddly strange. I felt that some were mediocre, and some had swag. But the only people I knew would play fair and would give a fair challenge and a fair game and I would like to stand with at the end of the game would be Paul and Victor. They looked like cool dudes.

Why did you call yourself the messiah? Why did you choose that imagery?

The messiah at first started off as a joke, and the only reason I chose the reference was because of my motivational speaking powers and the way I would move people when I opened my mouth. Someone with such force can only be compared with something such as the messiah.

During that goodbye video, how did if feel when Nicole called you out for targeting her?

When Nicole called me out directly, I had a moment to stare at her video and think to myself, touché, touché. What a nice game. But, it’s fun to know that there always lies a second chance to nip it where it hurts!

You said to Julie Chen that some people were “weak-minded” who “let gossip get the best of them.” Who were you referring to?

I was referring to every single person in the house, except Paul, Bronte, and Victor.

You said if you had it to do all over again, you would be “tight-lipped” and “make one person my best friend.” So what do you regret saying, and who would you have picked to be your best friend?

What I regret the most is being super honest to everyone. Obviously, [in] 2016, people can’t take the heat when you’re bold. But, going back in, tight-lipped would definitely be the way to go. And the best and closest friend in the house would be Victor.

Who do you think will win this game?

Myself, first of all, when I battle back into the game. Victor. And Paul. Top three.