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Max Landis: Green Valley comic exclusive sneak peek

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Max Landis can claim a handful of big screenplay credits — including Chronicle and American Ultra — and is currently busy writing and exec-producing the new BBC America show, Dirk Gently. But the prolific scribe has also found the time to create and pen a new comic, Green Valley, on which he is collaborating with artist Giuseppe Camuncoli.

The title concerns a disgraced group of four knights, once close friends, which is given one last shot at redemption: kill a wizard, and slay his dragons. But there’s no such thing as wizards, dragons don’t exist, and nothing is as it seems in the town of Green Valley.

Green Valley was an idea I had when I was a very little kid,” says Landis. “As I got older, most of my ideas from when I was small sounded stupider and stupider. But Green Valley persisted in my mind, and grew. I’m glad to see it finally come to life so beautifully.” The colorist on Green Valley is Cliff Rathburn while the letterer is Jean-Francois Beaulieu.

Green Valley is published by Skybound through Image Comics, Oct. 5. But you can exclusively see the issue #1 cover above and four pages from the comic, below.