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John Cena meme brought to life to surprise fans

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No one ever expects John Cena until he bursts through a wall. Some of his most ardent fans found that out in the best way.

Playing off the “Unexpected John Cena” meme, the WWE star and Cricket Wireless set up a phony audition for people to give their own intros for Cena. They never expected they would actually introduce Cena himself.

Folks gave their own reasons why they love Cena, calling him a good role model and noting his valor in the ring. A young woman said she would likely “hyperventilate” if she found herself face-to-face with the wrestler. (“Dial 9-1, and just wait,” Cena whispered behind the scenes.)

Cena finally gave the people what they wanted after a kid named Brandon said he would “risk a limb” to meet the 12-time champ. Brandon’s, and everyone else’s reactions, do not disappoint.

See all the unbridled joy above.