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Tetris movie will be part of a trilogy, producer says

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Step aside, Angry Birds Movie (and Warcraftand Assassin’s Creedand Minecraftand that Fruit Ninja movie). The original addictive video game is coming to theaters… three times.

Almost two years ago, producer Larry Kasanoff announced that a movie based on Tetris was in the works, as in the same Tetris that involves colored blocks falling from the sky in groups of four. Last month, the movie secured $80 million in funding with plans to start shooting in China next year, and now, speaking to Empire, Kasanoff confirmed that not only is this movie a real thing that is happening, but it’s going to be an epic sci-fi film. Or, to be more exact, three epic sci-fi films.

That’s right: the Tetris movie is going to be a trilogy.

“That’s correct,” Kasanoff told Empire, “and purely because the story we conceived is so big. This isn’t us splitting the last one of our eight movies in two to wring blood out of the stone. It’s just a big story.” 

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Kasanoff, who produced Paul W.S. Anderson’s 1995 Mortal Kombat movie, added that he’s keeping the Tetris story tightly under wraps and that “I guarantee you it’s not what you think.”

“We want the story to be a surprise, but it’s a big science-fiction movie,” he said. “I came up with the idea as I was thinking about Tetris and the theme of creating order out of chaos.”

Of course, all of this raises the question: If there’s enough story to turn this idea into three movies, why not stretch it out to four? After, all the word for four works in a series is, fittingly, “tetralogy.”