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Melrose Place: Josie Bissett and Jack Wagner reveal where Jane and Peter are now

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More than 17 years after Melrose Place‘s epic series finale, stars Josie Bissett and Jack Wagner are reuniting in the Hallmark Channel original movie The Wedding March. To celebrate their history, the duo spoke with EW about the hit that first brought them together.

Centered on a Los Angeles apartment building where residents joined their neighbors in bed and business, the show was never short on drama — especially for Wagner’s Dr. Peter Burns. “I just remember when I was working with Marcia Cross, [who played] Kimberly, I had to go to the psych ward and do electroshock [therapy] with her,” said Wagner. “And I think my character might have had sex with her while she was on the operating table.”

As for which scene makes Bissett laugh, cringe, or cry, she immediately recalled a memory with Laura Leighton, who played her character Jane Andrew Mancini’s sister Sydney Andrews. “Laura and I would get into these laughter fits,” she explained. “I have this one scene and my grandma dies and I’m on the phone and I’m like, ‘Oh, I’m so sad.’ Of course, Jane’s probably crying. I get off the phone and she’s like, ‘What’s up?’ And I said, ‘Oh my gosh, gram’s got ammonia,’ instead of pneumonia. She paused, and she’s so funny, she goes, ‘Well, is it under the sink?’ We could not stop laughing. We had to have someone else read the lines because we just couldn’t get it together.”

Although Melrose Place was never big on happy endings, Bissett imagines her character has moved on from her ups and downs with her ex-husband, Dr. Michael Mancini, and has found a picture-perfect life. “I hope that Jane would be a really famous clothing designer, happily married to a wonderful man who doesn’t cheat on her or treat her badly, and have like maybe five kids,” she said.

Wagner, however, sees his fate sealed by the series finale. “In my last scene, I got married to Amanda [Heather Locklear] and faked our death,” he said. “We got married on an island, and so I would think she probably left me and I’m like Tom Hanks in Cast Away, growing a beard and stabbing my dinner and trying to find a way to build a raft to get off the island.”

Laughing, Bissett asked, “Is that what you would hope it would be?”

“I wouldn’t hope that, no,” replied Wagner. “I’d hope that Amanda, Heather, and I stayed looking the same because we had the proper plastic surgeons 20 years later and [were] living on a nice little hut on the island. And I’d be Tarzan and she could be Jane.”

Bissett and Wagner’s movie The Wedding March airs on the Hallmark Channel on Saturday at 9 p.m. ET. Check out their complete chat with EW in the video above.