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Stephen Colbert supports Democrats' sit-in on gun control

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Stephen Colbert began Wednesday’s Late Show by lending support to the House Democrats who staged a sit-in on the congressional floor to demand voting on gun control measures.

After Colbert explained what was happening in Washington, the crowd cheered. The host started clapping as well. “I’ll join in,” Colbert said. “Why not? After all, they’re fighting for two things 90 percent of Americans are in favor of: stopping terrorists from getting guns and sitting down.” Colbert later said he was “sympathetic” to what the Democrats were trying to do with the sit-in protest.

“The Democrats are demanding a vote before the Fourth of July recess. To send that message, they chanted, ‘No bill, no break!’ Almost drowning out the gun lobby shouting, ‘I’ll make the check out to cash,'” Colbert, who blasted Congress for not passing gun control legislation earlier this week, said Wednesday.

He also took Republicans to task for their comments on the sit-in. “Rep. Tom Cole said, ‘I don’t think we should allow any group to bring the work of the House to a halt,'” Colbert said. “It’s true: you wouldn’t want the gridlock to lose its momentum. Don’t let your complete paralysis get in the way of a good stalemate.”

Watch below.