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Adventures in Babysitting: Sofia Carson and Sabrina Carpenter share excitement

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Ed Araquel/Disney Channel

Sofia Carson and Sabrina Carpenter were not the only ones excited that they were a part of Disney Channel’s remake of the ’80s classic Adventures in Babysitting. So were their moms.

“I know that my mom loved the movie. She was one of the biggest fans,” Carpenter tells EW. “So when we got to redo it, she was over the moon.”

The Girl Meets World actress is glad her uptight character also gets to pay tribute to the original movie through her wardrobe. “I got to wear the cool Elizabeth Shue jacket, so that was cool, too” Carpenter adds with a big smile and two thumbs up.

Unlike the original film, this Adventures in Babysitting, which is also the 100th Disney Channel Original Movie, features two babysitters, played by Carpenter and Carson (Descendants). Carson teases “a crazy adventure that includes a ferret, and being chased by bad guys, and rap battles, and a lot of running in the big bad city.”

Check out the video for more from Carson and Carpenter and tune in to Adventures in Babysitting on June 24 on Disney Channel.