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Seth Meyers mocks Donald Trump again during latest 'Late Night'

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As he has continued to do over the last month, Seth Meyers on Monday night devoted his latest Closer Look segment to Donald Trump, this time focusing on Trump’s waning support among Republican officials.

Mocking how many Republican congressman are not directly endorsing Trump as he continues to lag behind in the polls and make inflammatory comments, Meyers quoted a recent Politico article about the possibility of luring Trump out of the race with cash.

“I bet if someone offered him $150 million to drop out, he would,” a former Trump adviser told Politico. Another former Trump adviser said Trump would consider the sum. “Yeah, probably.”

Trump denied that. “No. 1, you can’t do it. No. 2, you could offer me five times that amount, and I wouldn’t do it,” he said at a rally this past weekend, video of which Meyers played on Monday’s show. “One of the people was supposedly quoted as saying, ‘He might do it for $5 billion.’ Now for $5 billion, I guess we have to think about it, right?”

“Okay, let me see if I got this straight: It’s a hard no for $150 million, but he’ll think about it for $5 billion,” Meyers joked on Late Night. “Based on everything I read in The Art of the Deal, I’m thinking we could put this thing to bed for $2.2 billion, $2.3 billion. And — I’m being serious — I think we could get Mexico to pay for that.”

Watch below.