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Flula Borg, Pitch Perfect actor, on YouTube series Acres and Avenues

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“If a Cow and a Techno DJ Legend did make a Baby,” Flula Borg tweeted earlier this month, “it would be called MOOBY #OrPerhaps #CalfPunk.”

The YouTube star, who also appeared as a German dance nemesis last year in Pitch Perfect 2, took his love for animals on the road this spring for the new show Acres and Avenues (above), streaming on the YouTube channel Dairy Good, whose mission is to “discover the similarities between dairy farmers and urban millennials.”

Borg, 34, a 6-foot-4 DJ, performance artist, and self-described “German weirdo dude,” spoke to EW about his experience on the farm and his questionable obsession with yogurt. Last month, Borg also released an animal-themed album called, appropriately, Animalbum​, and has donated 100 percent of the sales to a dog adoption charity. He also costars with Grimm‘s David Giuntoli in the movie Buddymoon (out July 1), a comedy that somewhat mirrors the relationship of the two men, who first met years ago when Giuntoli was backpacking in Germany.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You yourself have 770,000 followers on You Tube. Is that how this all came about with you appearing on Acres + Avenues?

FLULA BORG: Well, first of all I love animals. I am obsessed with them and like making songs about them. So I’m with an agency and they came to me with this opportunity to work with Dairy Good, because I have a very sassy obsession with yogurt. And so I jumped at the opportunity to high-five a few cows for letting me have their yogurt. Now they know where all my sassiness comes from.

I see this scene where you’re eating yogurt with about 50 cows all around you.

They were the chefs. I was the taste-tester. You can see how they’re all curious if I’m enjoying the delicious meal they made for me.


Cows are very unintimidating, aren’t they? 

Absolutely. I hung out with adult cows and baby calves, and they were very sweet. They were often licking my legs. I’m not sure why my legs look so delicious to cows, but they were very sweet and friendly. I liked that very much.

It must have been much easier that this was a dairy farm instead of a beef factory.

Totally, I don’t eat a lot of meat anyway. I’m from a city myself. I did live a little bit rural — there’s that word, by the way, most difficult word in English for me to say.

Because of the two Rs?

Double Rs, man.  When I say that word, you’ll see everyone duck because they’re very worried that I’m going to make a loogie somewhere.  

But you once said that you could easily be confused for a German hobo.

It’s true. I love to hike, but I’ve never been to the place where this delicious milk is made. And even more crazy, we were in Lake Okeechobee, which is in Florida, so I was seeing palm trees. I was thinking we should be many thousands of miles away from civilization. Meanwhile, we weren’t even that far from Miami Beach. These are normal humans living in normal towns and that was very crazy for me. I like to realize that these things are not too far away.

What was it like bringing the dairy farmer to Miami Beach?

Oh, her name was Lindsey, she was great. I taught her how to make very sassy techno songs. Performing is a different animal. But I think there are no wrong dance moves and no wrong beats. And once she realized that the best things can come from no planning, she was diving right into it. We played Hide and Go Seek among the palm trees on the beach. I was not very good at this game. I was wearing tie-dye and dancing, so my hands were visible from behind the tree. It was not a great strategy.


But about how the farm is run, were you impressed by the overall efficiency?

Oh, man. I’m German so I really love hygiene and organization and sanitation and systems. I felt very much at home. They need to make sure that things are running always, so there are pieces of the farm that are running 24 hours a day. It’s like Las Vegas — it’s a city that never sleeps except instead of the gambling and slot machines they have, you know, cows.

Now what about yogurt? You seem much more than a casual eater of it.

Well, snacks are very important. I needed to contain my excitement a little bit around the cows. I didn’t want to scare them too much. But I love it, man. You put some blueberries on that stuff and watch out. Everybody, shut down the town.