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Maya Rudolph, Kenan Thompson reprise 'SNL' characters to serenade Seth Meyers' baby

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Back in 2008, Amy Poehler had a baby on a Saturday, causing quite a scramble for that evening’s Saturday Night Live. Without Poehler to co-anchor Weekend Update with him, Seth Meyers recruited Maya Rudolph and Kenan Thompson. The duo parodied ’70s soul singers as characters T.T. and Mario to serenade Poehler and her baby. According to Meyers, it’s one of his favorite SNL things ever. So when Rudolph stopped by Late Night on Tuesday, Meyers brought Thompson in as well to reprise the characters for a serenade of his new baby, Ashe.

After Thompson and Rudolph proceeded to sing about delightful areolas and tight booties, Meyers noted that the song didn’t really seem to be about Ashe. The singers agreed, and tried something else, “the love theme to the movie Scientific Explosion.” The main lyrics of this song, slightly more relevant to newborn babies, was “even if you ain’t the Jewish type, snip the tip.”

“That’s for you, baby Ashe,” Rudolph said.

“Snip the tip, Ashe,” Thompson said.

“It’s not up to him,” Meyers noted.

Watch the clip below.