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Entertainment Geekly podcast: Was fandom ever not broken?

Thoughts on Captain America, the Flash, and the modern state of loving things.

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A few weeks ago, Devin Faraci at Birth.Movies.Death posted a provocative essay claiming fandom – the whole modern post-internet state of high-energy enjoyment of entertainment products – is broken. It’s a statement that reflects the past year of loud hand-wringing in the geek community and beyond: The age of social media activism which created #GamerGate and which recently saw death threats hurled at Captain America writers for a new storyline that appears to retcon America’s superhero into a card-carrying metaphor-Nazi.

But is fandom “broken”? Are there positive developments in the realm of geekdom? Are we all just terrible? Why the hell are grown adults talking so much about children’s entertainment, anyways? In this week’s episode of the Entertainment Geekly, we dig deep into all these topics. Few conclusions are reached, but maybe it’s better to be confused.