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Wrecked premiere recap: Pilot

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Francisco Roman


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In Wrecked, a group of individuals survive a plane crash and get stranded on a remote and mysterious island. If you think that sounds a lot like Lost, that’s kind of the point. The new TBS show takes the setup of the hit ABC series and turns it into a sitcom.

The comedy starts similarly to Lost: with a plane crash… but first we have to meet the cast we’ll be following on the island. The opening shot shows one of our main characters, Danny (Brian Sacca), waking up from some foreboding turbulence only to throw hot pasta all over his seatmate. Then, in succession, we’re introduced to the good time twins Emma and Florence (Ginger Gonzaga and Jessica Lowe), Jess (Ally Maki) and her tension headache husband Todd (Will Greenberg), the insecurely polite Steve (Rhys Darby), the iPhone obsessed sports agent Pack (Asif Ali), and the Google Glass-hating Karen (Brooke Dillman). (We also meet flight attendant Eliza Coupe, who is mysteriously missing from the island later.)

Once the plane starts going down, the slow motion freakout allows the viewer a chance to really soak in how the characters will react to tense situations (not well). Emma and Florence desperately cling to their in-flight cocktails, while Pack can think of nothing but protecting his precious briefcase. Our last main player is Owen (Zach Cregger), the flight attendant who believes the guest call button is merely a suggestion. He becomes fast friends with Danny as the lazy attendant is pulled into his embrace in order to survive a rogue food cart flying down the aisle. Just like that, the plane goes down, and the survivors are revealed. (Seriously, where are you Eliza?)

The first thing these people would probably like to see is a rescue team swooping in save them. But instead they have Liam (James Scott), who is a close second. As plane parts have devoured the beach and the survivors are panicking, the former Special British Forces member leaps and darts to save the new islanders from looming danger. As Danny says, “That is one handsome man.” Everyone is in awe of him and his “winning” qualities, which serve to highlight how ill-equipped this ragtag team of people are to survive this new situation. The show drives that further through our first true moment of tension for the season: Liam dies. The clouds form and the rain falls to mourn the loss of this beloved man, and Owen specifically realizes just how wrecked they all really are with Liam gone.

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As the group reassembles to decide what can be done now that their natural leader is gone, the mantle of “manly man” must be passed on. Danny, who reveals that he wants to be a cop, channels that desire and addresses the distressed crowd. With Owen attached to his hip, the new generation of leaders is seemingly born. Buckle up.

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Wrecked airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on TBS.