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June 13, 2016 at 04:40 PM EDT

The little birds have come through for Cersei and Qyburn — but on what, exactly? Having lost her best hand (as in, her hold over Tommen and the ability to hold a trial by combat), Cersei might be& cooking up something bigger (and hotter) for the denizens of King’s Landing. A Lannister always pays her debts, after all: If the zombified Mountain doesn’t smash every Faith Militant member’s head, there is still one major weapon Cersei could pursue, one that hasn’t been put to use since season 2’s Battle of the Blackwater. Could Cersei be on her way to finding and using wildfire against her enemies? She did it in the books (at the Tower of the Hand in A Feast for Crows), but that had nothing to do with the Faith Militant.

In EW’s latest episode of Game of Theories, we explore this theory and what it could mean for the impending showdown between the Seven Kingdoms’ church and state — though, obviously, that’s not the only showdown in store. Next week features the Battle of the Bastards, and if you were disappointed by the bloodless siege at Riverrun, expect to have that bloodlust satiated once the wildlings and the Boltons meet in the field. All men must die — but which side will lose more? The Starks could use a long-awaited victory; they’ll just need more help. The Vale’s status is, well, up in the air, but the Brotherhood Without Banners is riding North, so maybe magic will be on the Stark’s side. Or not.;

Meanwhile, because the Meereenese Knot has remained as tangled as ever — welcome back, Daenerys, finally! — it’s probably best to leave Essos behind for a bit and to hope the Ironborn reach Meereen ASAP. Isn’t it time for Daenerys to finally invade King’s Landing? The Mother of Dragons once had a vision of the throne room buried in ashes while inside the House of the Undying. Maybe it’s time for that vision to come true. 

Then again, I could be completely wrong on all of these counts. (I was wrong about Cleganebowl and Arya heading farther East and half a dozen more crackpot theories, so…) As always, tweet me your thoughts at @shirklesxp, and thanks for watching Game of Theories. Now, who else wished we could have had a few more scenes of Bronn training Pod? 

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