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Mark Ruffalo and Jimmy Fallon take the Best Friend Challenge

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What is the mark of a true best friend? Is it staying by someone’s side and supporting them through thick and thin? Or is it demonstrating weird knowledge of each other to a national TV audience? Mark Ruffalo and Jimmy Fallon seem to think it’s the latter, and thus launched into a Best Friends Challenge on Wednesday’s episode of The Tonight Show. The game involved the participants trying to guess the other guy’s answer to a question.

Unfortunately for them, Ruffalo and Fallon don’t actually know that much about each other. For instance, what’s Ruffalo’s favorite sandwich? (This is essential best friend knowledge). Fallon guessed BLT, but the real answer was peanut butter and jelly, almost the complete opposite. Fallon thinks Ruffalo’s greatest fear is being alone in the world, but it’s actually drowning in milk. 

Thankfully, the final question was for Fallon’s favorite superhero. The two quasi-friends could barely contain themselves as they each wrote down “HULK,” and then danced in celebration at their confirmed friendship.

Watch the full clip below.