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Jude Law and Stephen Colbert recite Hamlet and Titanic scenes with ping pong eyeballs

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Jude Law has played a multitude of roles over the years, but when he stopped by The Late Show Tuesday night, host Stephen Colbert presented him with a new opportunity to show off his skills. Colbert supplied each of them with a pair of ping pong eyeballs, and then asked Law to recite Hamlet.

Despite the googly eyes, Law delivered the iconic “to be or not to be” speech so well that Colbert declared, “I’d like to see you do the whole play like this.”

Colbert joined Law for the next scene, Jack’s dying moments from Titanic. After reciting the lines (Law even shivered for his Rose imitation), Colbert switched his ping pong balls from eyes to black x’s and floated away in his chair.

Watch the clip below.