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Game of Thrones EW Podcast for 'The Broken Man' is live

Ian McShane and the world’s coolest 10-year-old!

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On this week’s episode of Game of Thrones, a long-lost character returned. On this week’s episode of the EW Game of Thrones podcast… we’re too busy talking about Lyanna Mormont, the most badass Northern 10-year-old since Arya left Winterfell. James Hibberd and Darren Franich chat about all things “Broken Man,” an episode of tense Tyrell talks, glorious Greyjoy gatherings, and one bilious Blackfish.

Remember to email us at GOTpodcast@ew.com if you’ve got questions about what’s happening or predictions about what’s coming up. Subscribe to the podcast here, or listen below. For more Thrones fun, check out James’ full recap of the episode, his chat with Ian McShane, and his interview with Bryan Cogman (who wrote last night’s episode).